Looking for a competitive team

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Hello, been on and off on dbd but recently got back into it. I would like to get into the competitive side of dbd and see where my skills are and what I can improve in my game play. Also get find a team that I can help/play with.

discord: TheSpeedster91#2175


    NAERUUU Member Posts: 494

    I search an esport team too … I’m gonna add you .,, we’re 2 now

  • iiExploit
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    I'm a killer main if you're looking for one.

  • BenZ0
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    @NAERUUU @iiExploit and OP, on my discord server you and the guys in the comments can join and search at the "looking for grp" channel for more players. We have a decent amount of 100 ppl there (still rather new) with alot of ppl who also want to build a new comp team if you are interested.