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Besides Blight, if you could keep Blight Serum as a permanent addon on ONE killer, who would it be?

Haddix Member Posts: 1,020

Nemesis personally. I love running as that big #########.


  • AhoyWolf
    AhoyWolf Member Posts: 4,053

    I think they should just let the add-on be usable throghout the whole year.

    As for the question itself, I think Michael should get it, I just really like having 99d stalk, running up to a Survivor with small terror radius and instantly downing them, fun.

  • TacitusKilgore
    TacitusKilgore Member Posts: 1,380

    I think its hilarious on bubba. Speed up to them at mach 7 then instadown them

  • ThiccBudhha
    ThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,988

    Imagine that with the Tombstone, it would be very poggy woggy.

  • themoobs1984
    themoobs1984 Member Posts: 619

    I don't even use Blight Serum. I did once and I felt that it got in the way of what I needed to use.

  • Heartbound
    Heartbound Member Posts: 3,255

    Trickster. First you become the knife, then you throw the knife.

  • blue4zion
    blue4zion Member Posts: 2,773

    I like it on Mike or Neme, Plague maybe too.

    I pick Neme

    This should be useable all year, it's crap they don't let us yet survivors get to use all their event stuff.

    I'd get it if they were op, but they're often worse than addons you coulda chose instead.

  • FilthyLegionMain
    FilthyLegionMain Member Posts: 1,148

    Legion but have it just increase his frenzy speed when in use.

  • lauraa
    lauraa Member Posts: 3,195

    Nemmy, Pinhead

    Chatterer? More like Zoomerer!

  • SlothGirly
    SlothGirly Member Posts: 1,146

    Nemesis. He should have had some mobility built into his kit from base to be more like himself in RE3