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I love to read and learn about the lore within DBD. And I wanted to know more about the realms within DBD. I've always known about the Spirit World because I used to main Nurse. And I also knew that Wraith could enter it because before I was a Nurse main, I used to main Wraith xd

Anyways. I just found out that The Spirit don't enter the Spirit World when she was Phasing. She's, in fact, entering a Sub-Realm called "Ethereal Plane". Now for some of you, this wasn't something new. But I've always thought she was entering the Spirit World because, well, I have a squirrel brain and thought The Spirit would enter the Spirit World. And she can't either interact with things while phasing either, just like Nurse and Wraith. So I thought she was like them.

So now it makes sense for me why she can't see survivors or get Lightburned while Phasing, as Nurse and Wraith can when they are using their power.

But then I asked myself. If both Wraith and Nurse enter the Spirit World when using their power, why can Nurse go through walls but not Wraith? The simple answer is probably that it would be difficult to balance or anything. But lorewise, why can't he?

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    Diferent levels is my guess.

    Wraith enters the spirit world in a "peaceful" manner, that lets him stay there for as long as he wants, while also granting him some extra abilities.

    Meanwhile, it seems like nurse is borderline ripping an entrance apart into the spirit world, which explains why she can go through walls and go so fast, while also not being able to stay there for long.

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    Sorry to bother you but there is section on the forums just for Lore topics.

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    This man @TheGannMan enter Spirit world every day. He may hold vast knowledge.

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    I'm pretty sure the "levels of spirit world" are classed like this:

    Dream World - ability to interact with the world limited and restricted to the dream world, sight impeded.

    Spirit world - can't attack, but can move faster. -subject to lightburn, can impact environment.

    Ethereal Plane + Upsidedown (?): can't see, can't interact, speed increased.

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    Outside of conflicting Powers back from when DBD probably didn't think too much about how wide-spread their range of Characters would be, you could call the The Spirit Realm, or whatever the Character thinks of it as, as basically their mind/body becoming ambiguous within the Trial.

    Disassociating themselves with a Trial while The Entity still has Hooks in their conscious state. They are both there and not there at the same time.

    Depending on the Personality and how they arrive at a method of disassociating themselves within a Trial (be it intentionally or unintentionally, though at this point all released Killers seem to intentionally do it), this can manifest itself in many different ways, perhaps represented as a physical pain, a time limit, or none at all and easily controlled.

    However, while in The Trial, their conscious is still grappled by The Entity, so should the Survivors interact with the Killer in such a way that it causes a kind of cognitive dissonance for the Entity between the Survivors experience and the Killer, it kinda "hard resets" The Killer back into the Trial.

    If you want a lore explanation as to why Survivors can't do that, could just chalk it up to Survivors being more in-focus to The Entity as they're the major source for emotional sustenance for The Entity.

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