How far does being Petty Go?

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This guy had the basement challenge which (I HAD NO IDEA UNTIL END GAME CHAT WHEN HE ADMITTED HE WAS DOING THE TOME CHALLENGE) was to bring us all to the basement and have us die.

But I said no and kept escaping him and running as far away from the basement as I could.

He got so mad and decided to lock me in a corner until I disconnected, I planned to wait him out, see if he'd DC first but I had other things to do that were far more important. I'm posting it here because I'm not sure where to report someone like this because the in-game reporting system does nothing.

I can agree survivors can be pretty rude and unpleasant from times, it's also real frustrating sometimes when you're even doing a challenge that can't get finished because someone decided to screw you over.

But as far as the game goes I wouldn't hold them hostage in a corner because I couldn't complete challenge. In my mind I would, but I wouldn't go as far as to actually do it.

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