How far does being Petty Go?



  • Underdawg
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    I don't think anyone is actually defending the Killer's bannable actions, but this is a heavily Killer-sided forum (at least some of the loudest and most persistent voices are Killer mains) so you're getting a lot of (misguided?) empathy. It's easier for them to put themselves in the Killer's shoes trying to do this challenge and having a Survivor that is just not being cooperative.

    That being said, OP had no idea that it was a rift challenge - but even if they did, they had no obligation to be cooperative. Anymore than a Killer who sees a survivor doing an adept challenge has an obligation to let them escape. Anymore than a Killer seeing a Survivor trying to get the items from the event has a obligation to M1.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm all for normalizing kindness and "manners" when playing DBD. But the sad truth is: no one is entitled to it on either side.

  • oxygen
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    Pettiness is completely irrelevant when the reaction to what might be percieved as such is to straight up break the rules. Reminds me of the person I saw defending themselves after hurling slurs around because they were "baited" into doing so... by someone tbagging them 🤣. Not saying taking the game hostage is as gross as that, but similar energy. If whoever pissed someone off didn't actually break any rules, and then they do break rules in response... they're objectively the "bad guy".