Looking for fellow working adult gamers :) (CP on)

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Playing alone can get pretty disheartening, esp with this new update. Doesn't feel as bad when you can laugh off together dumb things that happen in matches, or help each other out with those ridiculous tome challenges :')

I work weekdays, game hard during weekends, so I'm flexible with timezones for weekends. We can play weekdays too if timezones are close. I am not a pro yet, but basic game sense is present. Can't loop for 5 gens yet, but I don't instantly throw down every pallet too, and prefer taking a health state to save a strong pallet.

Long posts are boring to read so that's about it, comment below or ping me at Discord if you're interested :)

discord: fleshfruits#7741

I am looking for someone who is willing to chase me in a custom match. I know it is boring stuff for the other side, so I am just trying my luck. Can't offer much in return, but I can give you my pink/purple items in game maybe if you want XD Female Gamer here, would appreciate 20+, but frankly speaking, anyone is fine. Just don't be rude and anything goes. I have discord so I guess we can coordinate there. Kindly drop a comment if you're feeling nice, much appreciated.

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