BenZ0's next dbd tournament starts at 18.02 (February)! Sign ups Closed!

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This tournament will be more relaxed without a prize pool, we voted for that in my discord server.

You should be a team of at least 4 players (4 suvivors and 1 killer) and can have at most up to 8 players in your team ( 2 Killer players that can play up to 2 different Killers each). New teams that are fresh in competitive are also welcome.

Join my discord and Dm me or any of the mods on the server with a list of all players in your team, a team name and also a png of your team logo if you have one. We also need to know which Killers are going to play in your team to choose the maps.

My tournament plays normal 4v1 dbd matches, keep in mind that kills and espaces DONT count as a win or loss. We are using a scoring system that I developed over a half year where the teams collect points by playing well and skillfull, making smart decisions to gain more pressure or kills. You will earn points for kills and escapes BUT you can earn much more points by doing risky plays if they are pulled of well, the point system works very well and the majority of participants and players in my previous tournaments all enjoyed and agreed with the point system.

I will post in the future a information video to further explain the point system and how it exactly works, but until then if you are interested just join my server, I will keep you guys updated there!


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    I forgot to mention that the point system is adjusted for every Killer which means a weaker Killer like a lets say Myers will get some more points compared to a Nurse to compensate the difference of streangth. I am not saying that a low tier Killer will therefore have it easier, keep in mind that we watch and rate the games based on your skill and knowledge as Judges.