Adjustments that I would make to The Artist’s Lore

TunaDBD Member Posts: 48

• Make Carmina confused about the crows.

(There are no crows in South America, so she should be confused on what crows are.)

• Add more stuff about her BEING an artist.

• Make Carmina do at least a little bit of bad things, just to make her a little different.


  • babayagasaga
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    honestly, anything to make her lore less of a slog through misery would be more than welcome

  • CharaTheOperator
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    I don't see why Carmina should be confused about what crows are. I live in South America, literally in her country too (Chile) and even in the time period I believe her story is likely set (late 20th century) Chile wasn't some backwater country that wouldn't know what a crow is from pop culture. I always assumed that crows were meant to represent surrealism and intentionally placed there to show that whats happening to her isn't natural, but The Entity's influence.

  • Smoe
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    You're right, the crows very much is The Entity's influence, it's seems like such a dead giveaway frankly.

  • Valik
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    Leave the vast majority of her lore in tact with the following tweaks

    Have her be an immigrant (Either from south America or to south America) and use this as the spark of her interest (or comfort) in crows.

    Have her harbor pet crows through her lore, which she cultivates into a massive crow family.

    Have her funnel her hatred, frustrations, and convictions into her art. Her art is the most important thing in her life - or anyone else's in her eyes. It isn't just art, it is truth. The truth that everyone chooses to ignore.

    She doesn't let people ignore injustice. She takes 'bad people' that seek to silence her art and uses it to fuel it instead. She uses blood to thicken her ink for her to better paint with - and she feeds the bodies to her growing crow family.

    Crows develop a taste for blood and her favorite method of murder is to... murder. The crows attack the victim and kill them as she watches and begins her sketches

    As time goes on she grows increasingly addicted to killing and using ink from the body's materials in order to create an epitaph of the person in a way that speaks her version of 'the truth'

    Her quaint life as an unpopular artist is turned upside down as her fame grows. She claims more victims and her crow family becomes ever larger.

    She is found for her crimes and is tortured for what she had done. But is saved by her loyal crows who attack and eat those who aren't her.