Mute Focus Option keeps turning off [PC]

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description of the issue

Every time I load up the game, the "Mute Focus" option is always set to "off", despite me having had it set to "on" since I began playing this game in 2017. After turning it to "on" the menu, loading into the game will reset it to "off" and need me to reset it to "on" every time I load into a new trial- also whenever I leave a trial, it turns off, and whenever I change from the Post-Trial menu to the main lobby screen. Here's a video of it (with zero audio, however it should be very clear to see):

steps to reproduce

I honestly don't know outside of load up the game with my client and just have it turn off every time.

how often does this occur

As of the most recent patch, every time I perform one of the actions listed above without fail.

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