Quit last year due to SBMM and recently returned only to realize its still miserable to play killer


So last year I had to walk away from this game reluctantly. I've been playing DbD for 4+ years and have sunk thousands of hours and countless of hundreds of dollars but I just couldn't put up with SBMM for killers anymore and had to uninstall. I love this game sooooo much but I had to uninstall it because I couldn't help myself in playing it despite the game ruining my night over and over again being out matched by the ridiculous SBMM with survivors at high MMR going out of their way to make us mid to low level killers miserable with their constant flashlight clicking, teabagging and clear communication with their SWF that no matter what you do, there is no winning (no matter what you as a player consider a win).

What used to make this game fun for killers pre-SBMM, was the unpredictability. As a killer you never knew what kind of survivors you were going to get. Whether it was mixed ranks, high ranks, mid, low...it was always a surprise and made the game so much fun. With this new SBMM, it's absolutely dreadful. You get a couple matches where you destroy and then it's just a sweatfest from there on out. Of course the devs want to say that each killer is different but it's not. Your skill level eventually gets fixed on an average whereas even a killer you hardly play or aren't the best with, you still are outmatched by the skill of survivors. There's nothing casual or fun about it anymore.

Anyways, being excited for the new SCREAM movie, I decided to reinstall the game and what a mistake that was. First match as Ghostface and I was matched against a 4-man SWF that are all Iridescent Level 1s (yes, grades don't matter but Iri 1s? You know damn well they play A LOT) and all each have over 2000+ hours (I talked to them afterwards about their opinion on SBMM and the unfairness of it all). The thing was, it never stopped. Match after match was players far beyond my skill level. My MMR never seemed to change no matter how many times I got stomped. Add boons in the mix and nothing I did, whether I was playing meta perks or not, could outplay these survivors.

I know it's been said that in the new patch, SBMM will change for killers who haven't played in awhile but that doesn't fix anything. You will eventually wind up back in the same place. What was the idea behind that anyways? Are the devs encouraging us to take a break as killer so our MMR will lower when games like VHS are soon coming out? Seems like a bad business move to me when the system needs an overhaul or simply done away with in favour of the old system. SBMM (specifically for killer) just doesn't work. Hell, when the devs had one of their streaming chats with the player base, Patrick even admitted, to EVERYONE, that the system doesn't work. Survivors who carry a match but lose at end game don't have their skill reflect their MMR but a potato who escapes does? Killers MMRs go up based on 1 kill alone?! Like #########?! The only thing I can give it credit for is my solo survivor matches have been better but that's it. Plus, I was fine with the old system for survivors anyways. It never needed to be changed. They just needed to balance solo and SWFs.

Bottomline, SBMM did, whether you want to admit it or not, ruin the fun this game once was. Sure things needed to be shaken up but this, this was not it. All the friends I've made over the years with this game have all quit. Streamers I've watched for years are dropping this game as well. It's so sad. I'm sure there's some of you that will defend SBMM for whatever misguided reasons and there's people like Otz with their crazy statistics but all in all, SBMM was the nail in the coffin. Sadly I just feel like a sucker for the hundreds of dollars I've dumped into DLCs and cosmetics for a game I once loved and have absolutely no fun in playing anymore.

To the players still playing, GGs.

This killer main is once again retiring.