To the Nea and Jill I just played against pinhead with:

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edit: I re-read the rules, and it didn’t say anything against mentioning the names- AFemboy -the nea

MrJokeet- I believe was the Jill.

I was the Claudette- and I spectated afterwards and I just wanted to say: HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS ARE GODS! I sent you both a friend request afterwards, I’d love to play with you guys again and learn from you. I’m not sure if we are allowed to post gamer tags in here or not (I’ll have to re-read the rules) but I just had to say….WOW. My heart was pounding the entire time I watched you two. I’d love to have a SWF team one day with that kind of teamwork!!! Mostly I only get to solo play, because I don’t really know anyone who plays regularly. I will hopefully get there one day. :)