looking for players!/new members!

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howdy! I'm a iridecent 1 survivor main that plays on pc. I'm able to outrun and outsmart most killers! with over 2 years of console and pc exp, I'm willing to hang with anyone and chill to loop some killers! or if you want something more try joining my team! me and a couple of my friends are "lie" no requirements to hang but there are some to join! you pretty much just have to be active and you have to impress us with your dbd skills! no mic needed to hang! We also don't care what rank you are, any age we are fine with to hang out with and to join, we are not toxic at all and will 99% of the time die trying to save other survivors even if they have noed! my steam is liebete, my discord is liebete#7375, and my dbd tag is liebete#239a (those numbers are important they are how you play with people across different platforms!)

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