Midwich Hooks Missing

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Platform: PC

Description: In Midwich map, while playing as Legion, I downed a Survivor who did not have the Boil Over perk, so I could clearly see hook auras, but there were literally no hooks at all in half of the map. I was unable to hook any Survivors due to them looping me in the no-hook half of the map.

Steps: Load into Midwich and see if you get the same hook configuration.

How Often: I only experienced it once, but then again I only got Midwich once this patch.

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  • Uotsumi
    Uotsumi Member Posts: 213

    With the exception of the 4 in the basement, there are currently only 8 hooks in Midwich.

    This may be a deliberate design, as the developers have statistics showing that this map is dangerous for survivors.

    I believe it's a serious bug, but sometimes developers do quaint "balancing" things that we don't think of.

  • LeFennecFox
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    Giving the survivors a free wiggle off area isn't balancing. They should be making static hook spawns at the very least so that you don't have a 1 minute chase for them to get off because of rng. I've had 3 games where a corner is just a deadzone or I had to break two walls to even have a chance.

  • scoser
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    Gotta chime in with this as well. Many times on midwich I've had to leave a survivor to bleed out just because there's only 3 hooks on the bottom floor of midwich and if you use a single one, about half of that floor becomes a dead zone with no hooks unless they don't struggle.

  • miniwengsel
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    Maps withe two big areas over each other should have hook spawns, which dont count the distence of the hooks at the other area. So it could be posable hooks spawn on top of each other.

  • FeryGEN
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    This problem is already 2 months old, hooks sometimes just do not spawn in some corridors on the first floor, it turns out that 2 hooks on the first floor in the corridors, and 1-2 hooks on the street. Although sometimes even one hook per side is very little, because you still need to convey it from the room if the first hook is occupied. The design of the map simply forces one of the survivors to fold and camp on a hook, with no way to hang the other