hoping to make a swf group <3


we’re on psn platform but my friends aren’t always available so any amount of people are fine! there’s usually 2, sometimes 3 of us but it depends. age isn’t really a problem, just be friendly, non-toxic and able to have a laugh and not take it seriously if we mess up.

forgot to add, cross play is enabled! we also use a mic. time zones are either est or gmt but we make it work as i’m a night owl :)


  • mehnameiskai
    mehnameiskai Member Posts: 3

    hey im down! im looking for a group to play with as well so hmu!

  • mehnameiskai
    mehnameiskai Member Posts: 3

    my discord is mehnameiskai#7295

  • Galini99
    Galini99 Member Posts: 4

    Hi! I'd love to have a team to play with. Galini#3910 add me on discord

  • idek120
    idek120 Member Posts: 39

    I play on ps5.

    Psn: Cringe-Gaming12

    I also don't care about winning or losing as long as we're having fun.

  • TheycallmeLix
    TheycallmeLix Member Posts: 333

    I play on PS5

    I’m looking for more SWF cause most of my friends are only playing in the evening which sucks :(

    PSN: ChuChus___

  • DH3206
    DH3206 Member Posts: 235

    Me and my gf want to play with others as well sometimes, is your group still open for some new players?

    We play not every day (only 1 killer and survivor game for the rift during weekdays), but in the weekend we play 2-3 hours.

    We're from EU and ps4. I sometimes play on the pc as well.

    We don't play to win, we play for fun :)

  • IamNizzy
    IamNizzy Member Posts: 16

    My friend and I are usually online on Saturday and Sunday mornings, so we're down. My steam is: IamNizzy

  • dbdismymyfavoritite
    dbdismymyfavoritite Member Posts: 34

    psn: initial_speaker5