Group to help with 'Left For Dead' achievement (crossplay on)

Digotoid Member Posts: 8
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Looking for anyone who are interested in getting this achievement the easier way in a full survivor group!

I play on Steam with crossplay on. Not required but if you have 'Wake Up' perk unlocked, it'd make getting this near-impossible scenario achievement a bit easier to get.

I'm GMT+5 time and another interested player is from Australia region. Usually play at late hours, so to also compensate for timezone differences. Have Discord for voice chat if needed! I'm also happy to play with anyone afterwards, maybe help with some other achievements as well : )

(Please do not comment if you only wanna comment on how I'm asking to get an achievement for free. I've been denied this countless of times by killers who simply don't care and are unaware of this achievement, being denied each time is so frustrating. Many players got this before Endgame Collapse was a thing, it's near impossible to get this now unless: the killer is friendly and lets you do gens on your own, or stars align in a way that you popped a gen before hatch gets closed, got both exit gates on far ends of the map, got value out of faster gate unlocking perks, killer doesn't have NOED, by the time they check your gate - you escape. I'm not the type of player to abandon team-based perks and constantly run solo-survival perks every game, just to get this one achievement)