Who deserves their own tome?

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Who deserves their own tome? 55 votes

The Shape (& Laurie Strode)
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The Nightmare (& Quentin Smith)
eric_alrasid17PhasmamainCreepyBoi10geniMarik1987_AdamFrancis_Gibus 7 votes
The Cannibal
[Deleted User]TeabaggingGhostfaceTr1nity[Deleted User] 4 votes
The Trapper
Nathan13FuzzycubeHelmsmannPricklyPisces 4 votes
The Ghostface
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  • IlliterateGenocide
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    i think the trapper has enough, i want more twins, blight, felix and elodie. and quentin smith more than freddy

  • Phasmamain
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    The Nightmare (& Quentin Smith)

    Quentin and Freddy left off on a sour note in the film and we already have an extension in their base lore. I’d love to see Quentin and Nancy’s relationship expand further

  • Tr1nity
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    The Cannibal

    The Shape

    I voted cannibal to maintain symmetry

  • Mooks
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    Now I can’t vote without destroying that.

    well. Textform will have to be enough.

    Nightmare and Quentin, just because it would mean new cosmetics for them as they are the only ones without anything on the shop. Well. Ignoring Demo, Steve and Nancy of course.

  • DoritoHead
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    The Ghostface

    Does Trapper not have one already?

  • Dilif69
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  • TeabaggingGhostface
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    The Cannibal

    Trapper already has a tome

    You know who doesn't need another tome? david

  • Aurelle
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    The Shape (& Laurie Strode)

    I would like to see a Halloween chapter. Don't know if they could do much with it, though since BHVR only has the license for the original 1978 Halloween movie.

  • babayagasaga
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    The Ghostface

    I really really want a ghostface tome <3

  • Came
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    The Ghostface

    Out of all of them i think ghostface (Jed Olsen) deserves the a tome lore the most cause if we exclude trapper who already has lore, ghostface is majorly created by behaviour an the tome lore are mostly focusing on original dbd characters

  • ItzZane_
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    The Shape (& Laurie Strode)

    The whole halloween chapter deserves one tbh. We might get one bc of the haddonfield reworks, I really want to know how both of them ended up in the realm? It just tells us their personalities & a little bit of what happens in the movie.

    (I want feng too)

  • Count_Dooki
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    The Shape (& Laurie Strode)

    I believe The Shape deserves a tome. He was one of the earliest DLC’s for this game and he has a movie coming out in the near future

  • oh_salutations
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    The Shape (& Laurie Strode)

    I think that a Halloween one would be really cool!

    for the shape, it could be notes from dr Loomis about the crime Michael Myers committed in 1963, possible motives, and interrogations with his parents, and Judith's boyfriend of what they witnessed. throughout the notes it would show his decline in hope in Michael as he realizes that he's just pure evil

    and for Laurie, they could do a day in a life story of what she was like before giving more character to her and her friends, showing how much they mean to her, why she babysits, her father's struggle to sell the Myers house, and maybe she could have the fear of being watched which would explain why she was so freaked out with Michael while her friends laughed it off as just someone in a Halloween costume.

  • Kuinzu
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    The Shape (& Laurie Strode)

    The Demogorgon, Steve & Nancy, when they return. I'm guessing either during Season 4, Season 5 or after Season 5, the final season.

  • Valik
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    The Shape (& Laurie Strode)

    Behavior needs to get off their feet and start moving on this IP FAST.

    The third installment in the new trilogy is coming out soon, best not to miss out on the momentum.

    IMO they should roll out a mini-time, several skins, new mechanics, perk and item overhauls, model updates.

    This October should be Halloween month with a massive glut of constructive content injected into the game surrounding everyone's favorite boogeyman. Not only would it be a much needed reprieve from the onslaught of uninspired and horrendously implemented 'original' content, but it would give the developers a chance to focus down on a cornerstone of their community for its own health - while making a pretty penny in the process.