jeremycarinio Member Posts: 160

maybe you could start creating "Survivor" diaries on how are they felt during the trials.

it would be like benedict baker type, and the survivor would be more relatable than before.

i would love to see a character developement whether they are happy(which i assume is feng), or frsutrated, and alike.


  • Masterninja
    Masterninja Member Posts: 401

    Good idea, it would shake up a bit the lore.

  • cordonrouge
    cordonrouge Member Posts: 155

    that would be cool. as of now we really only get the characters' backstory. I would love to read about how they feel, especially the killers, since they're still there against their will. I wonder what goes through their minds.

  • Valik
    Valik Member Posts: 1,267

    This would do 3 things:

    1.) Be creative and a positive addition to the game

    2.) Require minimal work

    3.) Intelligently create positive community sentiment.

    For these reasons, Behavior will not do this in a million years.