It's time to raise the BPS cap until a permanent change to the grind is implemented.


As a longtime DbD player, I have every character/DLC unlocked as well as all their teachables (like I'm sure a good majority of the community does). Now, getting prepared for the Ringu chapter on March 8th, like most players, we hoard as much BPS to dump into the new character as possible. Thing that sucks is, this upcoming Bloodhunt ends the day before chapter release which in affect does nothing really for longtime players especially when there is a cap on BPS at 1 million. Due to the grind that's currently in the game, it would greatly be beneficial to raise the cap to at the very least, 3 million as leveling up a new character to get all the perks, takes an INSANE amount of BPS these days that it actually becomes discouraging to even play the game or purchase a new character in the first place (ie. The Artist, who I've barely touched because I've dumped over 4 million BPS into her and still haven't seen Corrupt or PGTW show up in her bloodweb so I just dropped her all together).

Anyways, I wish BHVR would consider raising the cap until a permanent change to the grind is implemented because of just how many perks are now in the game, the tier levels and the useless stuff in the bloodwebs like Broken Keys and key add-ons that just take insane amount of time and BPS to get through. I get that having a cap incentivizes playing the game but because of the current grind,, it's actually doing doing opposite. These changes have been LONG overdue!!