Will we ever see the "end" of the killer's and survivor's stories?

DoritoHead Member Posts: 3,546

I believe that the devs confirmed that all of the killers and survivors in the game have escaped the entity, and the reason the observer is going through their memories is to find a way to escape the entity himself.

If this is the case, are we ever going to see how these killers and survivors escaped the entity? I feel like there's some really good storytelling potential there.


  • Dito175
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    The observer alludes to this on the mobiles intro cutscenes, but it's not confirmed that ALL of the escaped, it says he searches the memories of people that escaped or will escape.

  • Valik
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    I do not think that he says that they have escaped the Entity's realm - but rather, that they have escaped the trials in the past.

    In addition, The Entity has proven its ability to create flawless replicas of the survivors at will. If Dwight is stabbed several times, impaled through the chest, then torn apart by the Entity as his entire ID EGO and SUPEREGO are lifted into the Lovecraftian horror's being to be absorbed as pure life essence... He just shows up at the campfire again the next night as if nothing happened.

    Claudette may have been sacrificed a thousand times, but not only does she continue to come back - but at times she goes into a trial with 3 other perfect copies of herself.

    The Entity is able to conjure physical and mental states out of nowhere within its realm. If a survivor ever truly escaped the Entity - they were merely a copy, and the Entity could just as easily conjure more from the ether of its own power.

    Survivors may or may not have escaped - but their echoes will remain within the Entity's clutches forever and ever until they fade into dust.