Looking for a Blight Coach

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A little bit of background to this is that I used to play Blight back before they fixed the camera level issue and I was reasonably decent at him, then I took a 6 ish month break from the game and I came back to it late December last year. Since his changes many more people have picked him up and the skill ceiling has raised considerably, so high in fact that people know how to counter anything I learned over a year before and I'm having issues learning the new techniques. I've looked at a few tutorials by a few Youtubers and I still cannot learn much. I'm just looking for someone to explain to me how to do the flicks, run me through a few things and teach me the techniques to become a better Blight player.


  • IamNizzy
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    I play a lot of blight, though I wouldn't say I'm anything near Lilith, I do get frequent wins and know how to do most blight techs.

    I'm on most mornings at 9:00Am - 11:30Am Central-time-zone.

    My steam is: IamNizzy

    Don't mind my hours since it is a new account.

  • Doviizg
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    I would like to learn blight also.

    Im on ps4