So what's the point of the grind?

thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,897

I legitimately don't see the benefit. It doesn't add anything to the game. It just means we need to go through hoops to enjoy playing the game. You want try a certain build? Well prepare to spend hours grinding to get the perks you need.

I know that there's a fix in the works. Fingers crossed it will deal with the problem effectively. So my questions for BHVR are, what benefit does the grind have, if any and why don't we get more frequent Blood Hunts to help offset the grind while we wait for the planned reduction to hit?

Not trying to be an ass. I just can't think of a decent reason why this is still an issue.


  • Hawk81584
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    devs DONT care.....plain and simple....nothing they do says otherwise

  • Mazoobi
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    I don't even know either.

    It does need to be addressed soon because I would not recommend this game to a new person any time soon and even if they decide to hop on, they'll most likely leave once they realize the insane grind.

  • Ath4nat0s
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    They really don't care lmao

    They said that they didn't like bandaid fixes like removing perk tiers and they are working in a new system.

    But some days ago they just did a bandaid fix like reducing CoH healing speed bonus...

  • thrawn3054
    thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,897

    That's not a band aid fix. That's attempting to make the perk less problematic without gutting it.