[PC / CONSOLE ][18+] Aussie Players

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I currently stream DBD most nights and and i am tired of playing solo when i do play DBD. I do play off and on stream and do have cross play on.

Only requirements really is

  • 18+ due to me being an older person and rather not have to censor myself (yes old people play games tioo amazing hey)
  • Don't take the game seriously it is for fun but i still like to raise in rank i just rather not have people that get all salty over it.
  • Maturity
  • Sense of humor

I am in Western Australia so generally anytime in the late afternoon or evening unless i am streaming other games etc. If your not comfortable with voice chat at the beginning that is fine, and if you rather not be heard on stream that is fine also i can mute discord if we are playing while streaming.

If your interested let me know

Steam and DBD invite will be given later i will not add anybody as a freind to my discord unless i am messaged here first.


Don't wish to look for anybody at this stage thanks anyhow

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