That Myers house godloop is nasty.


I thought we were done with godloops?!

That front window vault at the Myers house straight to the backporch vault and then circling back to the front of the house is insane. There's no counter to that loop unless you have some brain dead survivors (which let's face it, every survivor is godtier at this point due to MMR if you're any good at killer these days) or are using high tier killers that can cut the loop like Spirit, Blight or Nurse. Maybe Trapper or Hag can catch them with traps but anyone else would have to rely on some sort of Undetectable affect to catch a survivor off guard. I've tested the loop on multiple killers and the majority cannot catch up to survivors that run that loop. It feels like the old-school Coldwind godloop which rendered a killer useless to its strength. It feels bad and could use a breakable wall to drop down from on the right side (if facing the front) of the house. Other than that, the new map rework looks great.