We are investigating an issue in the game that causes strobing/flashing lights, and are focused on fixing it as soon as possible. Some players may be impacted by this issue and experience discomfort from it, so we recommend taking proper precautions.

And until we fix this issue, we recommend that players with photosensitivity, or who have an epileptic condition or have had seizures of any kind consult their physician before playing.

Ghostface's new chase theme is still giving me a headache

Haddix Member Posts: 1,020
edited April 2022 in Feedback and Suggestions

that "WAA WAA WAA WAA" sound is way too rapid and high pitched. I would like to make it clear that this is not my personal opinion about the quality of the soundtrack, I am stating that it quite literally is giving me a headache, just as it did in the PTB.

My opinion is that it's also not that good and absolutely needs more depth and variety rather than just one loud repeating siren with some other drowned-out sounds underneath, creating what feels like a literal 2-second loop, but this is really miserable to listen to honestly, whether or not I like it.