The Korean mistranslation is too bad


(Korean translation) 벽을 부수는 속도가 30% 빨라진다.

벽을 부수는 동안 전력 미터가 중단된다.

Breaking down walls is 30 percent faster.

The power meter stops while breaking the wall

(Korean translation) 기본 공격 명중 시, 전력미터 감소치가 2.5초로 설정된다.

When hitting the base attack, the power meter reduction is set to 2.5 seconds

(Korean translation) 모든 생존자들의 심각한 부상 시간이 5초 감소한다.

The serious injury time for all survivors is reduced to five seconds

The Korean mistranslation is too bad right now. Please correct it as soon as possible.

Many users are mistaken because of this incorrect translation.