Rubberbanding is back

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It happens quite often that you get stuck in place while running.

Very important fix in my opinion.

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  • GuineaPig113
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    yup, this here. survivor doesnt even need to deadhard when rubberbanding exists

  • SchmittyKat
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    I had this happen to me is killer, but the Nia I messaged admitted to cheating and making me lag. I still killed her and her buddy

  • kaneyboy
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    yes its awful- im getting crazy hits from space XD its kinda unplayable tbh

  • theTARNavsky
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    Happens on PlayStation 5 as well, ever since the 5.7 update. Both survivor and killer.

    From what I've seen online on people's streams, it basically happens to everyone at all times... I'm baffled it hasn't been fixed yet.

  • GamerEzra
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    Fix ASAP, Please!

  • Marc_123
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  • Tatt3dWon
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    The hit detection and lags are crazy in the game right now they really need to acknowledge this is happening.

  • cannonballB
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    Every game I will at least have 1 rubber band issue. I've come to expect it.

  • Tatt3dWon
    Tatt3dWon Member Posts: 514

    Still not addressed wow. BUMP!

  • zapsclaps
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    Happens to me every match without fail as killer and survivor, multiple times a match.

  • Tatt3dWon
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    edited May 2022

    Same here and its not my pc or internet im on fiber 1g up and down and my pc specs

    MB - Tomahawk b550

    RAM - 32 gigs ram

    CPU - Ryzen 9 9500x

    GPU - Evga RTX 3060

    if its rubber banding for me and people blame the rig or internet than this game just isn't playable anymore for the common gamer.

  • Mitsui
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    I also have this problem and I play on servers in South America, I hope they fix this error as soon as possible since it is quite annoying, it happens several times in match and it affects the gameplay from what you see

  • legacycolt
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    Hi just a reminder to acknowledge this!

  • Tatt3dWon
    Tatt3dWon Member Posts: 514

    Its been over a week guess they dont care smh.

  • Tatt3dWon
    Tatt3dWon Member Posts: 514

    bump to remind the devs

  • Ayesha
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    This is really broken, this might also be the reason for recent animation stuck issues!

  • etms51
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    yes i'm agree, and the staff don't change the status of this kind of issue.

  • Mr_K
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    Seems to happen more the longer the match goes on.

  • Tatt3dWon
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    Bump they acknowledged it in the ptb patch notes but its still happening on the ptb lol

  • the_ghost_man
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    I noticed this alot with GF at least

  • Tatt3dWon
    Tatt3dWon Member Posts: 514

    in the ptb still wanna acknowledge yet?

  • Floofzy_Kitten
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    I also would like to add, that if you are doing any kind of action during a rubber band there is a chance you can get stuck in it permanently or be locked out of it for the rest of the match. If you have a charge and hold power as a killer, and you rubber band, you can literally be locked out of your power for the rest of the match. I've even been stunned, kicked gens and broken down walls and my power still did not come back.

  • JukadoJensen
    JukadoJensen Member Posts: 8

    Still happening, would be great if the devs would at least acknowledge the issue!

  • bloodmoneylove
    bloodmoneylove Member Posts: 12

    Yeah it happens to me everytime I play killer with good wifi I'll chase a survivor and when a Gen pops it lags so hard I lose the survivor same as when they unhook or vault it lags really hard and when I go back to check my wifi my nat type is open with 40 ping

  • legacycolt
    legacycolt Member Posts: 1,684

    That sounds more like a hardware issue. What platform are you on? Rubberbanding doesn’t mean the game is freezing or lagging, it means you literally rubberband back and forth in place while moving your character.

    The rubberbanding happens on every platform though.

  • Kotentopf
    Kotentopf Member Posts: 274

    Why is this still not fixxed? Even in PTB is was present.

    I get rubberbanded about once every 40 seconds, chases are super hard as killer and survivor. My ping is always in the 20ms range and no my internet is not 100% in use.

  • bloodmoneylove
    bloodmoneylove Member Posts: 12

    It's not a hardware issue plus I'm on xbox one it's been doing this for 3 years

  • legacycolt
    legacycolt Member Posts: 1,684

    Well this thread is concentrating on the current rubberbanding that got introduced with the last mid chapter.

    I would recommend opening your own thread and see if there’s more people with the same problem on Xbox one. It’s probably either your old hardware or your internet.

  • RealRuin
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    Come back from a 7 month hiatus from the game in anticipation of the new killer coming out. Lose multiple chases because I rubberband around corners. I got really disoriented when it happened to me the first time as I was moonwalking around a corner. Come on here to find out it's a widespread issue. Not a good look.

  • lilredyeetinghood
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    It's not your PC, it's the game... 100%

  • ifeelthelags
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    I get caught on pallets or while jumping from 50feet away crap

  • beoriseyo
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    The most disorienting ones for me are when it happens when fast vaulting a pallet. Last night I got a big rubberband moment while sliding across one and it was the exact moment of the slide so it played the sound effect 5 times within a couple milliseconds. I had to pause for a moment because it was so unexpected lol

  • Tatt3dWon
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    Have died to so many bad killers because of this I'm pretty sure this wont be fixed anytime soon.

  • Tatt3dWon
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  • Fantasy
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    It never left?

  • legacycolt
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    I love how this is still on ‘pending’ even though 99 people have voted up. Like #########, imagine being so ignorant…

  • Tatt3dWon
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    Bump this just to remined them how messed up the game is cause of this.

  • Knots
    Knots Member Posts: 49

    Embarrassing that this has been an active bug for months even after 6.0.0 dropped. Needs to be fixed.

  • Tsukah
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    This is still happening on both PC and console, it's getting ridiculous at this point.