Can we get a fix for the Evil Incarnate achievement?

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I've played about 5 games now, and every time there's 1 survivor left, they hide in a locker, and there's no way to counter it. It's to the point where someone was hiding in a locker, and I made them struggle off of my shoulder in a corner they couldn't get out of, and they DC'd, and I still haven't been able to get the achievement. It's been more then 5 games by now, but tonight all 5 have been the same. Is there any way to fix this? And why can't we mori survivors on the ground with a tombstone? Myers mains, how do you counter this?


  • jakubr21
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    I know how you feel, i played for 4 hours to get this achievement and my last game there was last survivor that was always going into a locker, so i took him and went with him to a corner. PWYF helped me to catch up to him and i got it.

  • Lekitzul
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    So, from what I understand, take them out of a locker drop and pick them up on repeat, it counts as wiggle time. Then they are standing so you can Tombstone. I'm saving up items to get his achievements, so I'm worried about it.

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    • The achievement was bugged last I knew. I've done it once recently and it did not count. Maybe the Forged in Fog update fixed it. They "Fixed an issue that caused kills and sacrifices not being properly tracked in challenges and achievements"


  • Lekitzul
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    Honestly, if they keep locker hopping, I'll literally drag them out, drop them, pick them up, drop them. They will eventually automatically break free.....