How do we feel about Mori's being automatically available?

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Personally, I don't like it. I feel like killers have the advantage in a game already especially on console. Honestly with pc it's totally different. It is easier to play survivor on pc than console. That said, I feel like it would be fair to have the mori change go through on pc but not console. Some people say that looping gives survivors an advantage, but there are multiple perks you can use to drive a survivor out of a loop or down them in the loop. The only thing survivors can rely on when being tunneled or camped is if someone else has Borrowed Time or if you have Decisive Strike. I also find it extremely unfair that we have almost nothing to help us with tunneling and camping, but we still will lose a pip because we don't have a chance to do anything. Also, the killers barely have a penalty. They lose a small amount of bloodpoints for being in the proximity of a hooked survivor. This is just how I feel so I want to know others' opinions on it.

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My apologies, I didn't realize that the mori was only the last survivor. In that case, I'm completely fine with it. It only comes in handy in certain circumstances anyways. I thought that it was every survivor so I was like, "What?", because it defeated the whole purpose of the game. Thank you for those who informed me :)

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  • River_dbd
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    Is the mori change only on the last survivor? I thought it was all of the time. That's why I was against it because I felt like it defeated the purpose of the game. The killers obey the entity and feed it, so if they kill everything themselves then it kinda cancels it out.

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    I think the option to show mercy should also be available to give the entity hope to feed on so the survivor doesn't end up in the void as quickly or some other explanation. Whether it's not hooking someone a final time or sparing the last survivor, a lot of players like to show mercy for whatever reason.

    Yes yes you are supposed to be a big bad killer but honestly the game feels more like a Scooby Doo episode sometimes and not all of the killers are heartless jerks and some would definitely try and 'skate' the rules.

  • Laluzi
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    I dislike the change. It's not the direction I was hoping they'd take the announced mori change. It kills giving hatch, it screws over survivors in positions where they could have previously escaped, and it's pretty limiting to moris as a whole for yellow moris to essentially be the only moris that exist. I would have liked for it to be possible to mori everyone under certain conditions, or at least mori mid-match (seeing as moris are mostly cosmetic, it's not really much of an advantage.) I definitely don't want photobombing moris to become a thing of the past

  • Aven_Fallen
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    Its fine. This way you see the animations more often without Moris being too strong.

  • TAG
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    I'm for it. I'm honestly surprised it took them this long for them to come up with the idea.

  • Obelt
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    its basically basekit yellow mori its ok

  • HectorBrando
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    As far as I know its only the last Survivor, they probably are making this change to avoid the last person being slugged 4 minutes while the Killer looks at them or the downed, carried near the hatch, closed in your face tech.

  • Cybil
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    -Killer can't slug out of spite

    -No more awkward ds timer countdown

    -No more getting bleed out because there are no hooks nearby/you had boil over/flip-flop/power struggle

    The game needed this qol update. Somehow people don't understand that the issue I'm referring to is a serious game design flaw and NEEDED to be addressed. It won't negatively impact the game in any way and nothing is stopping gift hatches.

    I really hope they expand on the mori mechanic after this. They could kill two birds with one stone by making bbq base kit and maybe let the killer mori after a total of 7 hooks and everyone has been hooked once. Give a huge bp payout for moris too. It won't solve camping but it will give killers a huge incentive to play the game.

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  • Hex_Ignored
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    I like it. Usually you don't see moris unless you specifically bring a perk or an offering. With this new change, they will become something you see more often and that's fine because a lot of them, especially the newer ones, are really cool

  • TragicSolitude
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    Seems fine. The Cypress Mori offering is weak and I very rarely see killers pull it off. Meanwhile, this makes bleeding out the final survivor less likely. It sounds like if the killer downs you after the other 3 are gone, you automatically get mori'd. This means no downing the last survivor and then standing around, or downing the last survivor and then getting them up and then downing them again just to drag it out.

  • Marc_123
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    Giving Hatch is then not to down the last Surv. And they said it is only the last Surv.

    Definitely speeds things up - if it will feel good we have to see.

  • dugman
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    It’s only the last survivor. Basically they’re just making the Yellow Mori base kit (with the small addition that it just happens without having to click the button after the down.)

  • yobuddd
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    I’ll say this. When playing killer with 1 survivor left, there’s a big difference between carrying them to the hatch vs. them walking to it themselves.

    When you carry them, you’re saying “I won, you know I won, but I’ll be merciful.”

    When they walk to it, even if you led them there, the message gets muddied a bit and they may get it in their heads that they somehow won out.

    Overall I like the addition of the auto-mori - cuz let’s be honest, the animations are awesome and need more screentime in a non-toxic manner! Still, I’m not thrilled of the only option being to either let the survivor find and take hatch themselves or brutally end their game.

  • HectorBrando
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    You can always hit them, go after them and once in range for the killing blow just go away or follow them around or find hatch, stand there and then when you see them nod and go away if you really have the need to assert dominance.

  • FixTheArtist
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    Atleast mori dailies will be fast and easy now instead of hoping you have a offering on the killer it requires

  • humanbeing1704
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    Not a fan of it if it's not balanced in the way of emblems then I can't wait to be cucked out of pips because of it

  • Jivetalkin13
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    I'm going to give it a "we'll see" until it actually comes out. I don't fully understand all the conditions that have to be met for the mori to play out yet and frankly can't make an informed opinion until is play it out ingame.