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I loaded into game and got past the loading screen, but I then got stuck in a blank lobby with limited options. Various features of the HUD were gone in this lobby, and I could not exit the through standard means, even with ALT+F4. Buttons were broken for the most part as well, with stuff being clicked resulting in nothing showing up on screen, but sound effects being played. In the video you can also hear that when then Escape key was pressed, sounds would indicate the input was noted but nothing happened. I was able to exit the game through Task Manager only.

Step 1: Boot the game

Step 2: Click Play as Killer and choose Huntress.

Step 3: Search for a game and wait.

Step 4: Proceed to now broken lobby.

Character played: Huntress

Perks: (Chosen before getting in lobby) Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage (lvl 2), Lethal Pursuer (lvl 3) Hex: Plaything (lvl 2) Hex: Huntress Lullaby (lvl 2)

Addons: Oak Haft, Leather Loop

Offerings: Devout Tanager Wreath (0 in inventory however)

Map: N/A

Frequency of issue: Once today, 6/15/22

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  • ItsDianaa
    ItsDianaa Member Posts: 1

    This exact thing was happening to me all day yesterday while playing dbd.

  • Blazing_Raptor
    Blazing_Raptor Member Posts: 2

    This happened to me today. I was playing survivor, except the lobby was full. Everyone else in the lobby was stuck at the loading screen infinitely until I force closed my game.

  • Blazing_Raptor
    Blazing_Raptor Member Posts: 2

    seems this was brought back as of 7.0.0

  • sundy
    sundy Member Posts: 6

    happened to me on nurse today as well.