Is there a discord where people gather for practice?

And if not, would anyone be interested in starting one?

I'm a survivor main, but would love to practice killer with people who can give feedback.


  • GabThePirate
    GabThePirate Member Posts: 2

    I'd like to join one.

    Why don't you create it so I can be your first guest?

  • Buffy101
    Buffy101 Member Posts: 126

    Im down too if this is still a thing. I can use some practice

  • laurasaxx
    laurasaxx Member Posts: 42

    I run a nontoxic and inclusive discord. We play plenty DBD and have absolutely used customs to teach people how to play in general or how to make the swap to killer/survivor or even practice looping/specific skills (like throwing axes).

    Honestly, the more the merrier so long as you will be nontoxic too!

    Add away on disc at: Saxx#5438 and lmk you found me here!


  • CrypticGirl
    CrypticGirl Member Posts: 364

    I need practice, too. I've been playing for just over and year and still feel like I can't do anything when I get chased.

    CrypticGirl#7199 is my discord, just let me know where you found me.

  • Moto_girl_bg
    Moto_girl_bg Member Posts: 22

    Is there any discord server? If no, let's make one. If yes, send link.