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The Voltaic - Chapter Concept

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Killer Details

Name: The Voltaic

Movement speed: 4.6m/s

Terror Radius: 32m

Power: Power Plants

Two power plants spawn around the map. As survivors work on generators the tower begins to fill up. Both plants start off empty but after 300% generator progress has been done by survivors, they become powered. While these plants are powered, generators become blocked. Survivors must go to one of the two plant and change the battery of this plants. Batterys hold 150% generator progress and can only be changed once the battery is full. Changing a battery takes 8 seconds to complete. The killer will get a notification once a survivor has changed a battery.

Secondary: Electric Crossbow

You have 3 shots you can use before needing to reload the crossbow. The crossbow shots an electric beam which is 4m wide and moves about 16m forward. When a survivor is hit by this they are stunned for 1 second. The beam moves relatively slow. If the beam hits an object it will split in order to continue moving forward. While the two power plants are powered the electric crossbow grows in strength. The electric beam will now injure any survivors it touches instead of stunning them.

Secondary: Steal and Transfer

Hold down the power button while looking at a generator to start stealing progress. The longer you hold the power button the more progress you take up to a maximum of 25%. You now can transfer this generator progress to a different generator. While stealing and transferring generator progress you move at 3.6m/s. After moving generator progress you will be given a 60 second cooldown.


2 Ultra Rare Add-ons:

1. While transferring generator progress you can see all generators progress by the intensity of their aura.

2. Every generator completed fills both batterys by 25%.

4 Very Rare Add-ons:

1. Both power plants start the trial powered up. Batterys take an additional 4 seconds to change. Crossbow remains stronger for an additional 5 seconds after a battery is changed.

2. Crossbow holds 2 additional shots.

3. After the last generator is completed, both batterys automatically fill up. This will now block exit gates till a battery is changed. Batterys require 20% less power to fully charge.

4. Batterys become unstable. If a survivor starts changing a battery but it gets interrupted, that battery explodes and puts the survivor into the dying state. A new battery is still required for generators to unblock. Killer no longer gets notified when a survivor starts working on a battery.

5 Rare Add-ons:

1. An additional 10% generator progress can now be transferred between generators.

2. Survivors are stunned for an additional 0.5 seconds when hit by an electric beam.

3. The electric beams are now 4m wider.

4. Movement speed increased by 0.4 m/s while transferring generator progress.

5. Crossbow holds an additional shot.

5 Uncommon Add-ons:

1. Electric beams move moderately faster.

2. Batterys take an additional 2 seconds to change.

3. Batterys Require 20% less power to fully charge.

4. When transferring generator progress, 5% is lost during the transfer.

5. Movement speed increased by 0.2m/s while transferring generator progress.

4 Common Add-ons:

1. Batterys require 10% less power to fully charge.

2. Electric beams move slightly faster.

3. An additional 5% generator progress can now be transferred between generators.

4. Electric beams stun survivors for 0.5 less seconds. Gain an additional 100% bloodpoint bonus in the deviousness category.

Killer Perks

Scrouge Hook: Rotten Roots: After a survivor is unhooked from a scrouge hook that survivor gains the broken and incapacitated status effects for 10/15/20 seconds.

Rush Hour: After hooking a survivor your movement speed is increased by 10% for 6/8/10 seconds.

Scrouge Hook: Death Waits For No Man: After a survivor has been unhooked from a scrouge hook while your more than 32m away, you gain a stack. For every stack you've earned the hook state timer is decreased by 1.5/2/2.5 seconds. This is applied to all survivors.

Survivor Perks

Close Call: After vaulting a pallet or window during a chase you gain a token. For every token earned you gain a 2% increase to vaulting, up to a max of 2/3/4 tokens. After dropping a pallet all tokens are lost. Windows are now blocked after vaulting 4 times.

Take The Heat: You can activate this using a secondary action button. After staying out of a chase for 60 seconds. You can show the killers aura to 1/2/3 survivors for 8 seconds however your aura is revealed to the killer for 4/6/8 seconds and you get the exposed status for 30 seconds.

Time Heals All Wounds: For every second that your in chase you gain 1% towards your healing progress. You cannot go above 55/65/75% healing progression.

Final Thoughts:

This is chapter doesn't have a killer background, survivor background or map because I haven't decided on what that is yet. This was a killer I started working on 2 years ago but never came back to it till now. Names of powers can be changed if anyone has any good suggestions.

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  • Jivetalkin13
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    I think this is a very interesting power. I like the idea of generators powering up a part of your own power. There are a few things I'd change though.

    First, lower the amount of generator power to 100%. Thinking about it in the game, you would be able to power yourself up a minimum of 5 times if survivors just sit there and don't touch the power plants until after you power up.

    Second, how fast is the projectile? I'd make that more clear. Also, what does stunned mean? Like they can't move at all or can't interact with things like with Doctor? Define what stunned means and I'll have more to say.

    Third, why not just kick a generator to steal power? Build up a charge and once it's at maximum transfer it to a power plant.

    Fourth, I don't think having batteries would be necessary. If survivors go to a power plant, they can just interact with it to let power out. However, it would be a channeling action like healing, repairing a generator, or opening the exit gates so they'll have to hold onto it to let power out. Give it a noise notification as well so that the killer can know its happening and it's got some risk vs reward gameplay to it.

  • CashelP14
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    First off thanks for reading the power and not just replying to the perks. A lot of people would've just went straight to the perks and ignored the power.

    The reason it's more than 100% generator progression is because I don't want the plants to happen too often in a match. I think it would be really annoying if 2 survivors work on separate gens and after 50% each someone must run to change a battery. If the killer is good then he'd have generators blocked at least 10 times a match.

    I should've made that more clear. The projectile is very very slow like zombie movement speed. After being hit the survivor cannot move for the 1 second.

    I want the killer to be able to decide if they want to transfer power to a new generator or not. I imagine a good killer transferring progress to a generator near them (maybe a 3 gen) then kicking it after. I want this killer to control what gens are being worked on and where at.

    The idea of the killer being notified once a survivor interacts with a battery sounds fine to me. The batterys aren't anything important. It's just my reason for survivors needing to interact with a power plant. Basically the same as any other killer interacable (TVs, Jigsaw Boxes, Cube etc). The power plants are meant to be passive slowdown for the killer. Something to make survivors leave generators.

    Once again thank you for replying to this. I hope I answered your questions in a satisfying way.

  • CashelP14
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    Worked on this a little bit more and made some changes.

    • Killer has a name - The Voltaic
    • Updated the power with more information
    • Updated some add-ons
    • Changed killer perk

    Anyone who would like to help with designing perk icons would be welcome 👍 still haven't added a backstory because I personally find that the most boring part of a chapter.

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  • Jivetalkin13
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    Ah yes, I remember commenting on this a couple months ago.

    I like the updates for the power, they seem more streamlined. I am still wondering why you would transfer generator progress from one generator to another instead of to a power plant. The main design seems to be the power struggle between the power plants being filled and emptied so why not help out with that in an active way.

    The killer perks seem good. I imagine Rotten Roots would be annoying given you wouldn't be able to do anything for 20 seconds, but it's fine. I like Rush Hour, seems like something that should have been put in the game by now anyway. I like the idea behind Death Waits for No Man (kind of a mouth full), but I could see it being unfair is some circumstances.

    The survivor perks are okay. Close Call sounds really good, although I'd either remove the increase to the amount of windows that can be vaulted or put in a short cooldown to how often you can get a tokens cause you could literally vault 1 window 4 times and get all your tokens.

    I don't think Take The Heat is good. I see what you're trying to go for, but you're just giving the killer a free Exposed kill. Maybe instead it could be something like "If the killer were to reveal the aura of one or more survivors in the trail, only your aura will show." Almost like an anti-Distortion.

    Time Heals All Wounds doesn't sound that good. I would rework the numbers a bit to heal quicker, but heal less. As is, you would need to be in a chase that lasts 100 seconds to just get to 50%. If your team is competent, that's at least 2 generators popped. That's assuming you aren't hit in that time and all that progress is lost entirely.

  • CashelP14
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    I had no idea it was you I'm sorry 😂 I wouldn't have asked if I knew it was you lol

    You can't transfer progress to a power plant. Basically if you work on a gen for 10% then the power plants also get 10%. I don't want the killer to be able to help towards filling them since I think it would be too OP. Moving progress is to help create 3 gens, slow the game down long enough for the power plants to fill multiple times.

    I was worried about DWFNM but when I did the numbers it wasn't terribly oppressive. Here's the numbers. I wanted a perk to encourage killers not to camp but if they had to around end game then it would have some value.

    I might remove the 4 vaults that seems like a fair change 👍 I'd like to think someone using take the heat would be confident in a chase and use it whenever they feel confident the killer won't down them. Basically to help distract the killer a little bit. CMIYC I'll up the numbers to 1% at tier 3 and maybe increase it to 75% at max. Was worried it would be too stronger with med-kits. However I think I made it too weak.

    Thanks for the feedback mate. I didn't realise you gave me the original feedback so I'm sorry I made you look again 😂 but I'm happy that I accidentally read over your chapter and gave it feedback like you originally did for me.

  • Jivetalkin13
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    No problem, I make concepts all the time, so it's not surprising if you see something I made. Keep it up and have fun. 👍

  • CashelP14
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    Got bored so decided to revisit this old chapter. Made a few number changes to balance the killer power.