guys... i need your advice

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I started 2016 dead by daylight on steam and switched when it was released on Xbox for the convenience (nice relaxed playing on the sofa).

Now I have about 1500 hours of dbd on the console, with quite a few cosmetics(rifts/events/tomes(completed)etc), almost all killers on p3, many survivors on lvl 40 and some on p3.

I always thought it would be nicer with a mouse/keyboard but somehow I never tried it again until a few days ago when I played dbd on the pc again, just for fun... and it's such an extreme difference, it's much more fun that way (it's not that I'm bad with the controller, quite the contrary).

im having no problems playing on the higher mmr on console (rank1)(except sometimes with some swfs or bully squads), but with mouse and keyboard it just feels so much better, much more intuitive, it's just like night and day.

now the question for me is, should i just forget everything i "worked" for in dbd and spent on cosmetics and start over (i still have 3-4 p3 killers from before on steam) or should i wait until cross-progression comes, if at all?

in the end it's only cosmetics and as much as i like playing dbd i have the killers back on p3 in no time, but somehow i don't know... I'm torn.

What do you think ?


  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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    Are we sure on that we will get cross-progression? Because i doubt on that.

    But for your question, it is game. And you are playing for fun. Which one is feels better and more fun, play on them.

  • Mooks
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    I am still hoping that they improve the experience for controller players. Advanced settings eg dead zones, response curve, aiming sensitivity should be the bare minimum. Also aim dressing or whatever it’s called should be removed/improved.

  • Marc_123
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    Just start over on PC.

    If you wait for Cross Progression - it could take years but more realistically i think it doesn´t come.

    And on a second account you are a bit more effective as you know what you need or what is the best order to get things.

    I just reached my PS4 level on PC now. I still play on my PS4 account but it is harder on console.

  • Remedicist
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    About a month ago, I made the switch to pc as well to have a better experience on the killers I normally play (the ranged ones) and for me it was the best decision. Sadly, I started playing at the end of 2018 and lost a lot of things you had listed as well, but I decided my enjoyment I got from playing on mouse and keyboard was better than those items.

    If cross progression were a thing though, then people wouldn't have to make the decision to lose everything.

  • M4dBoOmr
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    This is propably right, it's propably connected with "commitment bias" what makes it so hard