Tome 1 Chapter 2 challenge "Botanist Extraordinaire" not completable

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Challenge description:

"Finish healing 2 health state(s) of other survivors while using the perk Botany Knowledge and a Med-Kit. Complete this challenge in a single trial."

My attempt(s): Claudette

Equipment: First Aid Kit + Gel Dressings + Bandages

Perks: Botany Knowledge, Built to Last, Streetwise, Self-Aware (in order to make the first aid kit last long enough after the nerf).

Last game I had 85 points of healing in badge progress; most with the medkit, at least 5 completions(while using the medkit).

I would appreciate either a better description of what needs to be done, if necessary.

  1. Do I need to "Finish" the healing, IE be using the medkit when the heal finishes?
  2. Do I need to do 2 health states, like with the generator challenges, where doing 1 generator with a fellow survivor would equal 50% of a generator done?

I've very much done both.

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  • FeryGEN
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    What hasn't been fixed yet? this bug will be 3 months or more soon

  • Nathanielpelos
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    Yeah I wasted 3 ranger med kits with full charges to try to get this challenge done, I did exactly what you did and this challenge in particular is the only one I’ve seen that has not registered properly and remains buggy and broken, hopefully they do a fix for this soon:((

  • Firethorn
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    How much do you want to bet that what happened is that Programmer 1 deployed a fix, then Programmer 2 deployed the nerf code(making botanist make medkits last LESS time) which reverted the fix Programmer 1 had deployed?

    Because at least for a while, botanist + medkit healing was giving ZERO badge progress. As in, I healed the entire match using ONLY the medkit, and got ZERO badge progress for healing.

  • kizuati
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    any change to DBD's code makes it more broken.

    not surprised

  • Iron_Einherjar
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    This still seems to be broken.

    Not normal healing till 99ed and finalized with med-kit, (As the challenge specifies to FINISH 2 health states, not heal for 2 full health states) not healing someone from dying through injured to full in single segment, and not two separate people from injured to full

    Its taken quite a few days to get each attempt done at least twice, but I can pretty definitely say NONE of the above work for the challenge

    Rip all our med-kits, gauze rolls and gel dressings

  • Firethorn
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    Just finished Tome 1- Level 2-- Botanist Extraordinaire

    Claudette, Lightweight, Built to Last, Botany Knowledge, Streetwise, with a First Aid Kit(yellow) and a gauze roll.

    Only 36 points of healing, but I finished 3 health states - 2 from injured to healthy, and 1 from dying to injured. Roughly 2.5 complete health states - the dying was almost finished, and I had help for one of the injured.

    I usually started with just plain healing, then switched to the medkit to finish.

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