[NA] [PC] Looking for good players

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Hey guys!

I'm strictly a solo survivor main. Over 2k hours and never grouped up ever in an SWF or even duo (besides my GF but that wasn't serious effort lol). Crossplay is enabled.

I'm taking a chance in trying something new and figured I'd try to reach out to some gamers out there who share my mindset in this game!

My discord is Volcz#6037.

If you're the type of person who cares about efficiency, making the right decisions & isn't horrible in chases, hit me up! Ideally, we'd all get into a discord call together and try some matches out. I've never actually communicated with another person in this game so to me, its very exciting. Please be open to constructive criticism & I will do the same. We can learn even more from each other.

If you care about rank, I'm currently rank 2, nearly rank 1 but I'm also open to helping newer players if they're up to it.

Let me know guys, thanks & have a great day/night.