Looking for swf

I love the new patch. Moving from killer main to playing 50/50. My swf quit the game over the patch.

im a mid skill survivor with a much higher knowledge of the game. very good at callouts and often predicting the killers build and where he is going. I need to improve my looping, and staying out of dead zones.

need three players currently

have mics

be non toxic and mature, preferably 24-40 years old. I dont want to play with people who are too young. There is a maturity gap and its just not worth the headache. on that note hoping to have some co players to keep my tilt from carrying toxicity into the next match when the opposition is toxic.

i play on ps4 with cross play enabled, so discord would be required unless we get an entire ps4 swf.

i call out mistakes and expect to be called out, but not in a rude or insulting manner. simply to improve.

on ps4 you cannot heal in a pallet. im amazed the devs still haven't fixed this but heal and drop pallet are key bound to the same button permanently, so pc players should be made aware of this.

im wining in solo q about 70% of my games. but i have no idea how much of that is my own skill and how much is quitters making hatch spawn sooner.

my usual perks are: borrowed time, unbreakable, soul guard, off the record, fast track, bond, kindred, for the people, alert, lithe, dead hard, deliverance, resurgence.

i will not tolerate any form of prejudicial comments towards any group and wish to avoid political discussions. Have recently lost a separate swf from the one that quit for revealing after many months some rather unsavory racist and homophobic views.

I dont complain about killers camping and tunneling. just try the best to win until the match is over, discuss it while the next one queues. point blank. all that matters is having fun and improving, not how the killer plays. and frankly i think the tunneling and camping- while a problem- is blown out of proportion atm anyway.


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    Convict-Inc ps4 and yes never want me to heal you in a pallet and I call myself out for stupid moves if I make them so no worries there and if killers camp do gens if they tunnel I run them as far as I can