[PC][CROSSPLAY][AU] Looking for others :)

I currently stream DBD most nights and and i am tired of playing solo when i do play survivor. I do play off and on stream and do have cross play on.

Only requirements really is

  1. Dpn't be a douche
  2. Don't treat the game seriously its just a game
  3. If you dislike how i play or there is an issue let me know dont just DC and leave.
  4. Discord Voice is a requirement (Can be muted so your not in audible if I am streaming)
  5. I am a potato survivor please do not expect me to be a comp player i just play to have fun and usually am the group meat shield
  6. Be positive and most important have fun

I am in Western Australia so generally anytime in the late afternoon or evening unless i am streaming other games etc.

If your interested let me know

Steam and DBD invite will be given later.



  • Chaoslord136
    Chaoslord136 Member Posts: 7

    Hey I have a discord server with a group of people who are chill and play through out the day and night

    My discord is

    CHAOSLORD136 #4522