Find someone to play with (PC + CrossPlatform Enabled)

Hi there fellow DbD players! I've been playing dbd for the past...3 or 4 years...idk anymore, but that aside it kinda gets lonely and boring having to play most of my games solo (I have lots of ppl on my steam and I rather not bother them since I havent trully been on it for quite some time). Buuuuut returning to our main subject, would anyone be up for some quality games?

If yes, feel free to add me on discord TheHollySky#0777

If you are playing from console, communication isn't forced (same for the PC users) though it would make the game much more easier to follow.

PS. In case you find yourself coming back, I would gladly love if you would like to join my new made discord server

Don't forget to verify urself if u do join the server (so our bot doesn't kick ya xD). Thats all from me! Hope to see some of ya joining!