Why do perks have massive downsides?


I am always someone who tries to run different builds, and in doing so have found that there are a lot of perks that are just worthless.

I have a list of them, but my most recent discovery is Sabotage. Without a toolbox it is 2.5s, but a killer's successful swing cooldown is 2.7s. The problem is there is an animation cooldown (like the one after unhooking before healing) before you can start the sabotage. This means the killer can easily make the distance or get a second swing in and down you. Furthermore, when you do manage to get a Sab off, most of the time it doesn't matter because the hooks are so damn close together they can make it to another in time.

Like many other perks, running Sab in solo queue is horrendous as it means I am not doing gens because I need to be following the chase. Compound this with a lack of communication, and you have a 'perk' that is actually detrimental to your team.

Overall, I really want to try fun builds, but anything other than the meta is causing me to lose more games than I win. I thought they would be fun, but I am finding I am getting tunnelled more, and my teammates are actually angry that I am not just sitting on gens.