Would like to play with others! Nothing but Solo Queue since I started!

US West, PC/Steam, Crossplay Enabled, 22yo M, #homosexual

Haven't been having as much fun as before, maybe playing with other will fix that!

Almost 1,900 hours in, I am a Plague Main, but mainly play survivor, I like running niche builds, or builds to complete a tome challenge, and playing for value

On at quite random times of the day, I don't usually use comms, but would like to learn more about countering certain killers, if you friend me and want comms, I will gladly share my Discord!

253765096 is my friend Code <3


  • Chaoslord136
    Chaoslord136 Member Posts: 7

    Hey dude I have a discord group we like to play dbd we want to find more people for the server so more people are playing dbd

    I plan to make this server huge for the dbd community

    And other games once discuss

    And no need to feel as if ur sexuality will be a bother to us we have a gay couple in there

    Add my discord and ill get u into the server

    CHAOSLORD136 #4522