[EU] [PC] [18+] Looking for people to play with..crossplay enabled

My friend and I are looking for more people to play with.Its hard when we get two randoms who dc,hiding in closets,not doing anything, dying on first hook,throwing all pallets with no looping and stuff like that.

We are playing almost every night around 8,9 pm and mic is required.

Message me on discord: Victoriaaa93#2043


  • Chaoslord136
    Chaoslord136 Member Posts: 7

    Left u a request

  • VicRatlhead
    VicRatlhead Member Posts: 75

    EST? If so my friend and I are usually on about the same time. We're in the same boat, just want 4 on voice so we can coordinate better. My disc is VicRatlhead#6129 I'll shoot a request.

  • Robyte
    Robyte Member Posts: 15

    hey, sent u a request via dc if u guys are still interested