Casual gamer looking for Players

Just an average and casual gamer looking for people to play Dead by Daylight with. I'm not great, or terrible, I just enjoy playing the game for fun. Cross play is enabled, but I don't have a discord. So, if anyone wants to chat, I'm on Xbox. Mics are not a requirement though, only if someone wishes to chat. I can sometimes be shy around people I just met. No specific time required. Mainly due to the fact that I have a very demanding job that takes up most of my time usually lol. My Xbox name is the same as my account name on here. Please be mature as well. Anyone who messages me just to send gross or creepy messages will be blocked.


  • LadyLuck235
    LadyLuck235 Member Posts: 3

    I just realized I forgot to include the cross-play code for my account sorry.

    Xbox iD: LadyLuckRN

    Crossplay iD: #7a37

  • VicRatlhead
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    You can add me on Xbox. I play with another IRL friend most nights (not this weekend, up camping). We're both pretty chill middle aged married guys mid skill level. My name on Xbox is GreenSuperJJ. Dorky name, I know. I used my main Microsoft account to set up my son's Minecraft and have been stuck with the gamertag ever since. I believe my cross play code on DBD is #c29b if I remember right.

    We're both in the Eastern time zone. If that matters.

  • LadyLuck235
    LadyLuck235 Member Posts: 3

    Cool, I'll add you when I get off work. 😊 Probably won't be playing much this weekend myself either, working all weekend.