How has your gameplay changed?


I am interested in how people's gameplay has changed since the latest patch?

As a survivor, I went from being the gen-jockey to being a distraction and harassing the killer with flashlights, saves, and chases. This is primarily because the increase in gen times, and the abundance of regression perks made generators tedious.

On killer side, I now just load up gen regression perks, pick a 3-gen at the start, down anyone that comes to touch them, and hook them in my territory. Honestly, having a 3-gen with Eruption + Overcharge along with the 2.5% from kicking is hilarious. The best part is that if you feel the team is strong, you can just tunnel and camp one survivor out of the game and they have almost no hope of getting a gen done, lol.

In the end, I'm actually happy with the new survivor gameplay. I get to do fun stuff like annoying killers until the disconnect, or I get tunnelled, die on hook, and move onto the next one. Either way, I don't have to sit on gens and an added bonus is that if I never finish a game, my MMR won't go up!


  • DredgeyEdgey
    DredgeyEdgey Member Posts: 1,321

    Not too much feeling the iron will nerf sometimes

    Loving the Distortion and lethal Buff

    Found a gimic build that can be effective and can't wait to try it on wesker

  • cburton311
    cburton311 Member Posts: 403

    Well I'm doing some test builds in path of exile, the new season starts soon. Oh you meant in DBD....haven't really played much since the first week after the update.

  • Tatariu
    Tatariu Member Posts: 3,000

    I'm using completely different perks than before. It has honestly reinvigorated my love for the game ^ . ^

    My current Survivor build typically has Kindred with CoH + two other perks of my choosing. I like We'll Make It and I'm also loving Prove Thyself. I also tend to use No One Left Behind, Hope, and now that I know Babysitter adds Haste to unhooked Survivors, I like using that for end game builds too!

    My Killer builds obviously depend a lot on who I'm playing, but the new Overcharge is really good and I'm addicted to Monstrous Shrine!

  • Biscuits
    Biscuits Member Posts: 1,097

    I went from enjoying the game as survivor to mostly playing killer hoping changes come. I am currently grading up and every killer is playing like their family is going to get murdered if they don't 4k. It is to the point that I can pretty much tell if we are going to lose in the first two minutes. If someone asked me right now if this would be a fun game to pick up and play by themselves, I would tell them to look for other options.

  • Maelstrom808
    Maelstrom808 Member Posts: 684

    I mean a few perks changed out, reduced the number of gen regression/slowdown perks I was running. I'll aim for more 2ks rather than just 8 hooks and everyone goes free to get a little more BP since the grind has changed. Aside from that it's about the same.

  • C3Tooth
    C3Tooth Member Posts: 8,139

    The changes are coming, which are perks from RE2 DLC.

    I dont feel these are good changes, its pretty force players to use perks. Increase Gen time then introduce many perks to boost Gen speed. Stronger camping then introduce Reassurance

  • DoritoHead
    DoritoHead Member Posts: 3,546

    The new patch is the perfect time for me to branch out, start learning some new killers, and see who I enjoy.

    I’ve been practicing my Plague, Trapper and Nemesis but I think I’m going to settle on Wesker when he comes out.

  • The_Yosh
    The_Yosh Member Posts: 146

    I am really looking forward to Wesker too, mainly because I feel like he is close to being a survivor in his looping abilities.

  • ByeByeQ
    ByeByeQ Member Posts: 1,104

    Before this patch I used to play Solo Q survivor and enjoy it and I didn't run Dead Hard. Now I can't stand it, it is the opposite of fun.

  • Biscuits
    Biscuits Member Posts: 1,097

    I think camping will die fairly quickly after the patch, but we still don't have any changes for tunneling. I would like to see DS buffed back to 5 seconds, or having it activate for both hook states, or maybe increase its duration.

    And, I don't know if anyone else has noticed, particularly in soloQ games with how end game plays out. It feels like the killer is guaranteed a free kill, there isn't much you can do for that person who ends up being chased last. I don't think the solution should be for everyone to run Adrenaline at the slim chance they are being chased or on a hook when 5 gens are completed.

  • C3Tooth
    C3Tooth Member Posts: 8,139

    Its the core gameplay that should be changed to remove tunneling / camping / gen rushing.

    Yes, camping may less effective in next patch, but not everyone buy the chapter. But there is 1 thing everyone should remember that some people plays game just to ruin experience on others like its a high paid job, they dont care they lose, they just bring other's mood down with them. Which is why Im against perks like these.

    But sad that it will never happens, this "core gameplay change" was the biggest decision from them, and it was nothing but change some numbers.

  • Taxman232
    Taxman232 Member Posts: 139

    I am holding M1 longer, being face camped more and chases are nowhere near as long. What a great "meta rework"

  • Volcz
    Volcz Member Posts: 1,126

    Well I don't run Iron Will. I've dropped Kindred as well since it just brought frustration seeing what my teammates were doing a lot of times. I still use DH since it takes skill & awareness now + more situational & satisfying when you do get value from it.

    I still play aggressively. I run Adrenaline, DH, Unbreakable & Wake Up now. My playstyle hasn't really changed, just the perks I use.

  • danielmaster87
    danielmaster87 Member Posts: 8,541

    Not much. Gen jockeying as survivor or else nothing gets done. Tunneling as killer or else I give up some kills for free.

  • DemonDaddy
    DemonDaddy Member Posts: 4,167

    Can't say much has been impacted with this patch.

    Survivor doesn't feel like anything is more difficult. I've gotten a little more use out of perks like blast mine and alert.

    Still ignoring hooks completely as killer. With knockout being my favorite perk, it only got better with the changes.

  • Brokenbones
    Brokenbones Member Posts: 5,157

    As Killer I run gen perks way less - opting for more information and chase oriented perks.

    I still run gen perks from time to time but I rarely stack them together. I'll usually bring Call of Brine, Overcharge, Pain res by themselves just to help in a pinch

    I will say with the DS nerf, I am a lot less afraid of punishing survivor mistakes, I had a game today where someone got unhooked and after some time, I returned to the hook to interrupt the heal and their teammate didn't manage to take a hit, so I took a gamble and double hooked them.

  • Man_of_triangles
    Man_of_triangles Member Posts: 302

    Stealth is completely dead since Iron Will is gone. Gen regression is largely gone for me because I refuse to kick gens. Camping is more effective than ever because the grind was actually made worse for most people in this update and survivors need those unhook points. No need to even leave the hook.

  • Dead_Harder
    Dead_Harder Member Posts: 1,370

    Unless they play killer you mean : )

    Ngl the erasure of old DH made the game flow for killer 10 times better. Its insane how much more i enjoy playing the game compared to before.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,909

    I've not changed much, especially on the killer side. My builds are always randomized, but I can say there are some observations:

    1. Survivors are starting to work together more, and especially are learning to be more strategic, such as body-blocking or using gestures to direct or share information.

    2. Less in the way of "bully squads".

    3. More variety in setups and perks being experimented with.

  • Grandpa_Crack_Pipe
    Grandpa_Crack_Pipe Member Posts: 3,306

    Not at all.

    But my babysitting job definitely did get more stressful.

  • Droneinthrwind
    Droneinthrwind Member Posts: 92

    As survivor, as of yesterday my build is full until tunnel build because it is getting ridiculous.

    As killer, solo q have absolutely no chance even when I play nicely, coordinate swf still kicks my ass so nothing really changed where.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
    Chocolate_Cosmos Member Posts: 5,442

    I think the biggest difference is that I dropped BBQ and DS.

  • RiskyKara
    RiskyKara Member Posts: 804
    edited August 2022

    I wasn't having fun as survivor anymore and neither were my few friends who'd play with me sometimes.

    So I played Killer.

    Then I got bored of that too.

    Now it's been FFXIV, DJ Max, GTFO and I can't believe I'm going to say it... but potentially League of Legends. Haven't installed it but my friends are trying to get me into it now that I have the time for a new game. My friends said that as far as toxicity goes LoL is no different than DBD So I'll be right at home there I guess.

  • Aven_Fallen
    Aven_Fallen Member Posts: 15,564

    My Survivor gameplay changed in a way that I try to be even more efficient. I have not opened a single Chest or cleansed a single Dull Totem since the Patch. Because there is no time to do so, especially because Killers are stacking 4 Slowdown-Perks nearly every game. But cant blame them, it is the easiest way to play Killer, but I seriously hope that the Devs really nuke the Slowdown-Meta at some point. Because you dont need to run 4 Slowdown-Perks to win as Killer...

    Also, Survivor gameplay is more annoying, because of the teammates. I still see people running Self-Care. One game I had a Nea who was next to me self-caring (against Legion...) while I tried to do a Gen. She did not help at all, because she was too busy wasting time...

    Also the inefficiency of other Survivors is really getting to me. Yesterday I got tunneled off Hook by a Nurse. Second time I went down, I see one Survivor gentapping to farm Conspicious action points (aka getting almost no progress on the Gen) and the other one was just running around.

    Another time it was an early 3v1 because the Killer tunneled someone out (like so many do, tunneling is way too strong currently...) and instead of doing a Gen, a Feng was running around the Map to search for a Totem to set up her Boon. And she did this for well over 2 minutes...

    As Killer, nothing changed too much. It was a net-buff for me, since I dont run Slowdown-Perks, just Corrupt Intervention left most of my builds. But queue times are too long sometimes and when it happens that the game crashes or sends you back during queue, just annoying. I had 3 "Disconnects from the Host" in a row while trying to find a game as Hillbilly, which took me around 20 minutes total, since one queue was about 7 minutes. (Restarting the game solved it)

  • Gorgonia
    Gorgonia Member Posts: 1,607

    I don't play for fun anymore. I tryhard every game to try and demolish the killer. And even then, I die most of my games.

    I feel as if in an eSport.