Pc, crossplay, EU. Be on pc and have 500+ hours at least please

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Looking for experienced dbd players, too tired of solo queue. Personally an experienced survivor that can loop and has good gamesense

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  • nooxet
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    I'm interested, I play on PC - Steam and I have been actively playing since 2018. I currently have 3,765 hrs on record. Add me on discord if you're interested: Extraterrestrial#1115

    Oh and I'm from Central Europe so we probably share the same timezone. :)

  • EvieSimpsForCrowLady
    EvieSimpsForCrowLady Member Posts: 225

    Sent a request. Btw I hope ur ok that I won't use mic because I'm too self-conscious :,) But I'm pretty decent even without it

  • Robyte
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    Hey, If U are still looking for Players, feel free to add me on dc Robyte#1698. I have around 4.5k hours and Play both Sides regularly. Also PC/Europe/with crossplay

  • Grims
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    Hi I'm trying to find a consistent swf and am fed up with solo que I've only got 1.8k hrs but am working hard to constantly improve I play crossplay on console however I have discord if you change your mind about coms. DC TEZ#0766