Lf players to practice

Looking for players that would be down for Kyf I would love to jus practice with playin survivor instead of dealin wit solo queue atm I am also a somewhat experienced killer as well I play on xbox one with crossplay on if anybody is interested jus hmu on discord LegenDz-_-Evil#1072


  • Grims
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    edited August 2022

    Hi, if you're still interested then I would like to do some practice I frequently play both sides and always want to improve. Discord-TEZ#0766

  • SgtMittens
    SgtMittens Member Posts: 249

    The bots are coming in Q3 which would be October. That's going to be the best and easiest way to play around with different killers and learn their powers.

  • n000b51
    n000b51 Member Posts: 282

    I still ready to train if you need it. Can I add you too ? Thanks.