Very good changes BHVR, well done to all devs :D !

The new changes from the PTB sound SUPER great, all of them!

Wesker will feel very interesting to play probably.

All the perk chances are great, especially the Borrowed Time one: finally I'll be able to play even without it, because even after the patch I've still always felt FORCED to use it because 5 seconds, especially to get out of the basement, aren't enough, but now 10 seconds will finally be great always hopefully!

The only thing I'm really worried about is the reworked Better than new perk, which could COMPLETELY kill the hit and run playstyle, thing that the perk Circle of Healing already has done unless you equip the perk Shattered Hope (works only on fast killers like Wraith)

Overall pretty GREAT update, keep up the great changes BHVR!


  • Rokku_Rorru
    Rokku_Rorru Member Posts: 833

    IDK Reassurances change only helping SWF's feels like an oversight, I don't think better than new will be an issue considering Leader already exists and is stronger outside of boon speeds, I could see both being paired together being potentially potent. Could always run forced penance I suppose/deathbound.