Until Dawn Chapter Concept

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Over the summer while I wasn't active on the forums I made a chapter idea for Until Dawn. While I do have add on ideas alongside it...I left those on my Ipad at home and never bothered putting them into pictures.

Also I'm not sure how balanced this is,

Killer: The Wendigo

Survivor: Michael "Mike" Munroe

Survivor: Ashley "Ash" Brown

Sorry if the pictures are also crammed or low quality...I may have underestimated how much space I'd have beforehand.


  • NoOneKnowsNova
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    @ElleGreen I think you said you'd like to see this so here it is :3

  • Justa335i
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    BUMP! This is great.

    Imagine a Josh Legendary Skin as the Psycho, or a Wendigo Legendary Skin has Hannah, the Makkapitew.

    Credit to @CHEETOMAN324 , i also saw this idea which was cool:

  • NoOneKnowsNova
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    Glad ya like it ^^

    If I had to decide between either of them as legendary skins, I'd definetly prefer Hannah as a skin. While Josh would be very cool (especially as his Wendigo form we see in the true ending), "normal" Josh would probably feel weird to animate with the power...though then again Legion works so maybe not.

    As for the concept, it looks interesting and I'd welcome all three into the game to try, so thank you for showing me it!