Hyperfocus is a wee bit overturned with toolboxes...

Look at how much time the skillchecks saved.

It's just insane, this is not legal and should be nerfed XD


  • Xord
    Xord Member Posts: 509

    Honestly, this is not overpowered at all because it is a video. Nobody in this world will hit 100% perfect skill checks, and trying to will probably lead to quite a few gens exploding.

    Now the problem is that apparently, hyperfocus is bugged with stake out and doubles the amount you're supposed to have.

    I'm fine if hyperfocus doesn't work with toolboxes, but you gotta see that there are 4 things boosting the generator here, a HUGE toolbox (52 charges at 50% increased speed means the toolbox did 30% of the generator on its own), stake out, the great skill checks on their own and hyperfocus.

    This gen took 38 seconds to finish, but the toolbox took care of 26 on its own.

    That means the combo reduced the generator time by 26 seconds, while it is apprently bugged, and a lot of perfect were hit, which won't happen usually.

    The bug needs to be fixed but other than that it's okay.

  • Mat_Sella
    Mat_Sella Member Posts: 3,538

    sure, but can both perks have a base increase to skill check chance so that they're both actually usable.

  • LeFennecFox
    LeFennecFox Member Posts: 808

    Funny enough BNP skillchecks give hyper focus

  • Gandor
    Gandor Member Posts: 4,220

    And merciless storm resets skillchecks no matter what you do... IDK. I think it might be OP for 0.1% of players (that don't need it anyway). For 99.9% it's too hard to get right - probably not worth taking anyway

  • Laluzi
    Laluzi Member Posts: 5,553

    While that's true, it raises the survivor performance ceiling when the survivor performance ceiling is already stupid high and difficult for even meta killers to handle. The survivors who can make Hyperfocus work like this are usually the survivors that top-level killers were already having problems with. It's pretty safe to change or nerf Hyperfocus because it's not a perk that even above average survivors can use, much less average or weak ones, so it doesn't have any impact lower on the chain.

    I think making it not work with toolboxes would be fair enough. Don't have an issue with the Stake Out synergy.

  • Thusly_Boned
    Thusly_Boned Member Posts: 2,770

    Yeah, I laughed when I saw this.

    Hyperfocus + Stakeout + Built to Last with a loaded toolbox is dirty, dirty business, especially if you are repairing in the killer's terror radius.

    And I am going to keep using it until they nerf it.