Got Any Game Recs?

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I've determined between my sky high Killer queues (and the frustration of those matches) and the absolute travesty that is Solo Q, I need a break from DBD.

I was going to try to stick it out until Overwatch 2 came out, but that doesn't seem likely.

So....any game recommendations?


  • Wowie
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    Singleplayer? or multiplayer only?

  • Brokenbones
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    What are you looking for in a game

    Challenging Gameplay?

    Good Story?

    Replayability/'Time sink' type games (Basically games you can just keep playing and playing theoretically forever)?

    Also knowing what kind of genre floats your boat would help, I'll happily recommend some games!

  • AnneBonny
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    sunset overdrive is hilarious, fun as hell and has (at least in my opinion) one of the best soundtracks in any game i've played. buy it on xbox if you can because the steam version is borked. very movement-oriented gameplay, use a controller if you can.

    hylics 1 and 2 are surreal indie rpgs with absolutely insane visuals using an artstyle of digitized claymation. both together cost like $18, highly recommend.

    off is another surreal indie rpg and one of the landmarks of the genre. also free.

    yume nikki and .flow are rpgmaker exploration games. no combat, dialogue or anything like that, just collecting effects, exploring and putting together something of a story. both are free, although .flow requires some finagling with your pc locale.

    soma is an underwater sci-fi horror game with an absolutely incredible story and quite a lot of spooks.

  • JacobiusWick
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    Any Bethesda or Obsidian game if you like open-world and story.

    As far as 4v1 like DBD there really isn't anything besides VHS or Friday the 13th. IDK if the former is even out yet, and the latter is so broken that it's a gamble at this point.

    It really depends on your interests though, what else do you usually play?

  • xni6_
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    dead space

  • Pulsar
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    I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Souls games (hated them but enjoyed the accomplishment).

    I'm not super picky honestly. I'm willing to try new things!

  • xni6_
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    id recommend playing them in order

    but if youre only gonna play 1 play the first or second

  • Brokenbones
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    I'll list a bunch of random games that I consider pretty neat, some might not be available on console tho bc you know how it is with PC gaming:

    Nioh/Nioh 2 - They're very similar to the souls games in a way, not just clones though

    Dying Light 1 - Honestly one of my fav zombie games, still looks and plays great and it's one I keep coming back to on a yearly basis for a replay

    Dead Space 1 - If you can get your hands on it somehow, amazing game. It's an xbox 360 game that still holds up amazingly. Plus it's topical since it's being remade + One of the co-creators is making a spiritual successor (Calisto Protocol I think it's called)

    RE4 - I'm guessing you've already played this one because it's been ported to every console and some kitchen appliances but if you haven't, check it out. It's such a great game

    Metro 2033 - Such an absorbing FPS with some horror elements. Really enjoyed my time with it

    Spirit Farer - A indie game with an amazing artstyle and a pretty emotional story. Wouldn't recommend if (like me) you get attached to characters

    Paper's Please - An indie game about manning a border checkpoint. It's a lot more interesting than it sounds, trust me. It does so much with so little

  • CashelP14
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    I've honestly been considering quitting dbd recently so I've also been exploring new games.

    Been playing overwatch a bit but as a single player game I'd recommend Incryption.

    It's a card game which I found thoroughly enjoyable. Reviews were like 9/10.

  • Pulsar
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    I haven't played any of the RE games besides 2.

    I loved the first DL and 100% it back in 2016, also own the 2nd game.

    I will be trying Dead Space, since it's free.

  • Brokenbones
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    Hell yeah my guy, enjoy.

    It's an incredible game.

    Also damn, you should really play RE4 then - It inspired so many different games of past generations it's crazy. Dead Space is actually one of them funnily enough

    Just be warned though RE4 will kick your rear end a bit but you said you're into souls games so I imagine you're used to games being like that. Good luck!

  • Pulsar
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    RE4 is also $20.

    That ######### better be worth it lmao

  • Brokenbones
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    That's actual straight up theft

    right now on steam it's £3.74 bc there's some kind of special going on

  • MyNamePete
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    aye Yakuza 0 (on gamepass) goes crazy

    Good story, lotta cutscenes, but got damn the music and combat go hard. (same with the rest of the series)

  • Pulsar
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    One of my buddies keeps recommending Yakuza.

    I watched him beat the absolute ######### out of Mr. Shakedown for like 4 hours on vacation

  • Cybil
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    Silent Hill 2 PC enhanced edition has never been easier to install.

  • duygu
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    the hitman trilogy has lots of replayability for a singleplayer game, yakuza like a dragon is top quality as well.

    but honestly? yakuza lost judgment is the best i recommend. this game changed my life

  • Wowie
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    alright well even though you didn't respond to my question, for which I've cast a curse on you to make you hit your ankle against a door exactly once, I'll answer.

    The Evil Within (avoid the second one unless it's on sale)

    Dragon's Dogma


    Alice: Madness Returns

    Alan Wake and Quantum Break (really you can't go wrong with Remedy, though Control is definitely a different game from what they typically make)

    any of the Yakuza games, they're all pretty fun

    Cruelty Squad


    Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

    Mount & Blade: Warband

    and if you like reading cyoa stuff I'd recommend Wayhaven Chronicles, Evertree Inn, and Fatehaven. Vampire the Masquerade: Night Road and Parliament of Knives are both good, too. Avoid Sins of the Sires!

    also I'll second @AnneBonny's Soma suggestion and add Amnesia: The Dark Descent to it. Sunset Overdrive was also a great suggestion from them.

  • humanbeing1704
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    Ever play fallout new vegas? It's a flawed masterpiece but it's genuinely entertaining

  • TeabaggingGhostface
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    Elden ring is pretty good

    Warframe is fun too

    Been playing a bit of phantasy star online 2 recently as it just dropped on ps4

    I also recommend any dragon quest game

  • KateMain86
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    I've been having a blast playing Overwatch 2 since it launched. I highly recommend it.