Does anyone have an explaination of why Self Care is so used in APAC regions?

As Peanits and Mandy said, Self Care is used a lot in APAC regions, but not a lot in EU and NA.

I think we can all agree that, on a mathermatical standpoint, Circle of Healing, if used properly, is simply stronger, but this is not the point of the thread.

If anyone can answer why, or link an answer from another thread, is there a specific reason?

As Peanits said there is probably a sociological and cultural reason, but I have some reasons on why Self Care might actually be stronger than Circle of healing, but in a SITUATIONAL way, where if some different playstyles were used more it could be weaker OVERALL.

I'll list all the possible reason, in not a precise order:

  1. This is why it got nerfed imo, and why it deserved a nerf imo supposing that Circle of Healing didn't exist:
  2. The killer might have Shattered Hope, snuff your boon, that maybe is an important totem in a 3 gen or up a building , and reveal you, even maybe even have
  3. Shattered Hope with Pentimento, which is a free stack of Pentimento, maybe even very early in the trial.
  4. Sometimes finding a totem to bless takes more than 20 seconds, or even more. Your totem could have been cleansed by someone with archive, Inner Healing, Overzelous, etc.
  5. Once the killer hears one or more boon totems, the killer already knows you wasted on average 20 seconds or even more instead of doing gens. Which means more time to facecamp with some killers like Leatherface, or camp and tunnel with all killers. Because the killer knows that spreading multple hits won't be worth it anymore, and snuffing boon totems costs a lot.
  6. Communication issues in solo Q, not making Circle of Healing MASSIVELY effective as it is with coordinated teams.
  7. The killer might snuff the boon before it gets any value, especially after a hook.
  8. You might die and your boon will disappear, leaving no value for the teammates.
  9. The killler might have Hemorrhage, and if the boon is snuffed you might lose 20 seconds of progress and maybe
  10. Miss a skillcheck if the boon is snuffed, because you will automatically miss an ongoing skillcheck and give a notification to the killer
  11. Blessing a totem is a risky move as cleaning it for Inner healing, especially when you are dead on hook, because you have to be on a totem, making noise and bleeding, and a stealth but even normal killer might interrupt you and kill you.
  12. Some totems to bless are outpositioned, in dead zones, so the killer could have an even easier time to zone you out.
  13. The boon totem sound will make the killer know you could be near a totem healing, so it's already information that could be used for Circle of Healing, Stridor, etc.
  14. The killer might not Snuff the boon, but make you lose all progress still because of Hemorrhage
  15. Self Care allows you to heal everywhere at all times, in far corners of the map, and you won't have to waste time to bless a totem. Usually also much less chances to get interrupted by Infectious Frights, Coulrophobia, Starstruck, etc.

That's why overall I think Self Care is stronger and more consistent in solo Q than Circle of Healing; also because with no coordination your teammates could set a boon at the same time, and waste a big amount of time instead of doing gens.


  • ByeByeQ
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    One major reason I can think of is that they have a higher chance only own the base game.

  • ThiccBudhha
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    I do not even know where the hell APAC is, but I would assume occam's razor applies and that region prefers consistency over viability, which is fair enough. I just gave up on that perk, though. I am a sociopathic narcissist and even I do not run it. Lol. Take that as you will.

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    That's not the case for BBQ for example, who is locked behind a paywall. Fair enoug, before it gave bloodpoints, but still.

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    Self Care, while the slowest form of healing, is also the most flexible and consistently available. It has no preconditions and can be used any time, anywhere, and can never be lost. This makes it potentially really good as a way to convert what would normally be idle moments in a game when you're not on a gen and maybe hiding from the killer, for instance, into time you can spend partially healing yourself to top off your bar. It's a nice supplemental healing source in that regard, it can get you part of the way to a heal with no time efficiency loss and then you can be healed more quickly the rest of the way through other means. Or, if the situation is really dire, you can simply gut it out and try and heal yourself to full with it as a last resort.

    So Self Care probably appeals to players who have a high aversion to risk, it's a very safe option that still can provide tangible benefit. Overusing it or overrelying on it is probably a bad idea because it's so slow, but it could extend the life of medkits or fill the gap if a heal is interrupted or a Circle of Healing is snuffed, etc. That is probably a big part of why even as slow as it is the perk remains quite popular.

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    I posted it in the wrong place, so here's the same sentence

    I am a Japanese playing in the Asian region, so I don't know the reasons for Asia as a whole, but I am trying to figure out why the use of self-care is so high in Japan.

    For several years now, many people have increased their time at home due to covid... In other words, time spent playing games has increased.

    Around that time, a Japanese entertainer named EIKO started streaming DbD on youtube.

    Perhaps these two factors meshed together. As a result, many people in Japan started buying and playing DbD (probably on PS4 rather than steam).

    Here are some thoughts on which survivor Japanese beginners should choose.

    Who would you recommend as a survivor? Search for it.

    Japanese DbD beginner wikipedia recommends Morel. One of the reasons is that she has a PERK that can self-medicate. Needless to say, Mikaela is hard to recommend for beginners because of DLC.

    This has led to (1) many new players in Japan. 2) they start playing with Morel who can use self-care.

    For these reasons, the use of self-care is probably high.

    I cannot say for sure, but it is possible that not everyone is an intermediate or advanced player or a veteran. Taken as a whole, the numbers may seem strange. I am sure you felt that when you looked at the data for this 61% kill rate and the 50% or less kill rate for nurses.

    sry my poor english

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    I think this is the most logical explanation for it

    I mean think about it, look how potent original COH was. 1 perk gave the whole team self care on steroids

    So self care before the nerf when used correctly was insanely time efficient. People usually don't notice in the moment to moment gameplay but survivors not being able to heal themselves is huge pressure for the killer, which is only magnified the less hook stages you have left

    I just wanted to say your English is great!

    Not poor in the slightest