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Hello Dead by Daylight Stadia Players, 

Following Stadia's announcement that services will be closing on January 18, 2023, we wanted to reassure players that we will plan to support Stadia users and will continue to offer updates until the service has winded down. Read more here: message on Stadia sunset.  

In the meantime, Stadia players will no longer be able to make any new Auric Cells or DLC purchases. Fret not, those who have existing Auric Cells can still spend them in-game.  

Moving forward, we highly encourage players to link their DbD account with their BHVR Account as soon as possible. You can do so here:  

While cross progression merging is currently disabled due to a bug, the team is prioritizing a fix and working hard to get it out before Stadia closes. We will keep everyone updated as we have more information! 

*Note: Using Cross Progression Merging, does not transfer over Auric Cells, but it does carry over all other currency, such as Iridescent Shards, all purchased content, as well as progression. We highly suggest spending all purchased Auric Cells before Stadia’s closure.  

If you have any more questions, please feel free to read more at our FAQ, which will be updated with more information as we have it:

- Dead By Daylight Team 






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